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Is Your business paying the price for bad online reviews? We solve this!

Market Square Resources is a Southeastern U.S. based marketing agency specializing in Online Reputation Management. Our agency has a diverse portfolio of services. In addition to reputation management, we lead with Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing. In addition with the Google Mice Update it is important provide services in Mobile Marketing in three distinct categories Mobile Apps Development, Mobile Web Design, and SMS Text Message Marketing Campaigns. These services allow the agency to cover offline and online marketing efforts that are important for small to medium size businesses. By providing these services Market Square Resources is able to provide marketing packages to meet your needs. Our products and services are technology driven with input from top internet mastermind marketers from around the world. Market Square Resources is focused on optimizing performance for businesses. Be sure to visit our website for limited time free trial offers new and established businesses.
Our Online Reputation Process
Our system can gather data from multiple sites and compile this data into a monthly report that will allow your business to track the progression of reviews while we manage the transformation of your businesses online image. Secondly, we will focus on the creation of positive listings which market your brand for your business. Market Square Resources uses our top SEO techniques combined with unique linking strategies to influence user metrics to gain new positive listings replace the negative listings and push the offending material out of sight repairing your reputation over time.

Online Reputation Management
Video Transcript
Attention all business owners the next 90 seconds could change your business forever. I want you to take a look at these three amazing facts. Eighty-seven percent (87%) of adults surveyed said they look for reviews online before buying a product or service. Seventy-two percent of them said they wouldn’t buy it if they saw negative comments from past customers. Fifty-one percent of consumers interviewed by NPD Group said they research a product online before buying it offline. In today’s world reputation is everything. Do you know what people are saying about your business online right now? One bad review or negative comment could be costing you thousands in lost profits. If you’re not managing your reputation online you’re burying head in the sand. Consumer behavior has changed and reputation management is now just as important as marketing and customer service. In truth it’s way more important, but don’t worry we’ve helped dozens of businesses just like yours manage their reputation successfully. We’ve even used one stealth technique to turn their online reputation into a lead spewing marketing system. Do you want to find out how to use your reputation to drive more customers through your door? Do you want to know how to minimize the effect of bad reviews and increase the power of positive ones? Then click the link below and we’ll show you how. Don’t put your business at risk! Your future hangs in how you deal with your reputation online. Click the link below and protect your business today.

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