Online Reputation Management: Arrest Records and Mugshot Sites – Online Repuatation Management: Arrest Records and Mugshot Sites – What a lot of people did don’t know is that the same people who are posting mugshots, arrest records, and criminal histories and all of the associated “removal services” are actually the same people. Paying to have your arrest records or criminal history removed from Google is essentially paying blackmail. It is illegal in United States. However, most of these operations are based offshore. Do not under any circumstances “pay to get your arrest records removed” because that will just begin a vicious cycle. They may remove your arrest record from one site they own and them will simply upload it to another and write you again. If not they will sell your information to a partner or competitor and you will never get out of the loop. The only thing you can do when it comes to online reputation management is attempt to build a wall of good accomplishments and positive images and try to bury your legal troubles. Once something is published online, Google does not have control over it, the content is hosted on another server and Google will not remove it.

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