Online Reputation Management Tutorial

Our online reputation management tutorial video can be found at

Local businesses and professional practices are increasing revenue substantially by using a new set of reputation marketing services: video review commercials.

Before adopting our set of online reputation management tools, most local businesses struggle with online marketing. There is a lot to learn and the landscape is continually changing.

The key to bringing on new customers and patients is online reviews. Before choosing to business with any local business, most people look at 6-10 reviews. And today, people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation from a friend.

Fortune 500 companies spend millions advertising their brand. But if you are a local business or have a professional practice, your brand is your reputation.

Our solution leverages your reviews into powerful customer generation magnets. We take your reviews and convert them into online video commercials using a live spokesperson.

Then we syndicate your video review commercials out to many of the social media sites your prospective customers visit and allow you to put them on your website.

These are powerful new customer acquisition tools. Our polls indicate 70% who watch the video will call you. 65% said they would refer you to a friend.

For details go to You’ll be able to see examples and take advantage of our special pricing.

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