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Reputation marketing expert, Edwin Dearborn, speaking to a small groups of professional consultants.

This was a talk that I gave to a group of long-term consultants and business coaches on the subject of reputation marketing and how to better manage their online reputation.

As a veteran content marketer and business owner, I know that reputation management and marketing oneself with a great online reputation is crucial in today’s business environment.

Some of the services that I provide my clients are:

* Reputation marketing
* Reputation management
* Online review management
* Public relations
* Content marketing
* Video Marketing

Today, there are a multitude of tools and resources that give us great opportunity to identify potential public relations problems online. But those tools should just be part of a greater PR strategy. Social media and reputation management tools are crucial elements. But even before you obtain a clear understanding of public opinion and before you even communicate, the most important thing to work out is your PR strategy.

And it’s not necessarily about ensuring your online reputation is perfect. It is about how you react to situations and engage with your publics. People make mistakes and corporations render bad service at times, but how they address these issues speaks volumes.

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