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http://www.seosauce.co.uk/ Local SEO is just one of the new services offered by the relaunched and rebranded SEOsauce.

It is often the case that the search results for the majority of industries are dominated by the bigger companies with the biggest SEO and internet marketing budget, leaving the smaller businesses behind on page 3 of the search results with no hope of ever being found on Google.

With SEOsauce’s Local SEO service, smaller businesses can get in on the SEO action too for a fraction of the price that the big companies shell out. By targeting local keywords such as “Accountant London” instead of the broader keyword of “Accountant”, smaller businesses and local companies can beat the big brands to the top of the first page of Google for local results.

If you are unsure of what keyword would be most beneficial to you and your company, SEOsauce can complete a Search Engine Optimisation Audit that will identify the most lucrative search terms for your local SEO campaign to target. Using this keyword information, SEOsauce will create strong content that works to rank your company’s website.

A lot of SEO companies or people who attempt to do their own SEO often make the mistake of stuffing in as many keywords as they can as they think this is what Google wants to rank a website higher. This is absolutely not the case, especially since the recent Penguin update from Google. This update saw many highly ranked websites fall to the back of the search results as Google now penalises websites that use keywords too frequently in an attempt to boost their search ranking. If Google deem there to be too many keywords on a company’s website, they will view that website as junk and drop it down the rankings.

Regarding Google’s rules and the Penguin update, SEOsauce know exactly what they are looking for, and what they regard as good quality website content. SEOsauce will create this high quality content that not only ticks Google’s boxes, but also works to convert website visitors into customers. Even a website is experiencing low traffic – the more of that traffic we can convert into sales, the better it is for your business. So with this all round strategy of traffic plus conversion, there is a very strong chance that your sales figures will improve due to the strategy’s used by SEOsauce.

SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility in the organic search results. The organic search results refer to the results that do not contain any paid listings or advertisements for websites or webpages. In Google, the paid search results are at the right hand side of the results page and at the top of the page in a pale yellow box.

It has been shown that these paid results only receive 5% of all clicks from Google users, and these companies are shelling out big money to be placed there – only to receive 5% of the traffic. The first organic listing in the Google search results however receives a massive 51% of the total clicks. The second result in the search results receives half the amount of clicks (i.e. 25.5%) and the third receives half of that, and so on. So as you can see, if you want more sales and prospects, it is well worth spending the time and investing in an effective local SEO strategy.

SEOsauce is a leading SEO company that specialises in local SEO and consistently achieves front page results for their clients. Most SEO company’s just focus on the ranking side of your search marketing campaign. But SEOsauce focusses on both the page one listing and turning your new influx of website visitors into paying customers – giving you the complete internet marketing package.

Unfortunately there are some dodgy SEO companies out there who may seem like they are offering you a good deal to begin with but you will soon find that they do not get you the results that they first promised. There are many ‘quick fixes’ that can be done for a small amount of money, but Google are smart and they can see straight through this and so will penalise your website for spam or low quality content, leaving you will be back were you started, or perhaps in an even worse position as well as having spent your internet marketing budget.

The best way to combat this and to get reassurance that you are working with a good, reputable company is to ask to see their results and their case studies – ask for testimonials from their previous clients. All good and honest local SEO companies will be happy to supply these and answer any questions you have.

SEOsauce has a long list of previous clients. Having recently rebranded and relaunched, the last 18 months have seen this local SEO company grow significantly. With a brand new website on the way they are also opening a division that specifically caters for smaller businesses with a lower budget. This division will focus primarily on local SEO and will be at a lower price point than larger or more established companies looking for SEO help.

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