Non Google SEO. How to rank on Amazon, YouTube, Yelp, eBay and other sites

For more on non Google SEO, search beyond Google, on YouTube, Quora and many other search platforms:

In this tutorial I discuss non Google SEO. For some time, non Google SEO has been thought of as Yahoo or Bing. But that isn’t quite right anymore. There are many other search engines like YouTube, Amazon, mobile app stores, Yelp, and many others that would make sense for different business niches.

What you must do is figure out the SEO of whatever search engine you need. Google SEO is too competitive. But on any other search platform, the level of competition is orders of magnitude smaller. That means you can compete and don’t have to be crowded out by billion dollar companies who can throw money at SEO and get ranked.

Additionally, here is my SEO course that will teach you principles of Google SEO, and how to take the elements of Google SEO and use them on other search engines.

I also wrote a book about marketing. It explains how to use social media and SEO (Google SEO and non Google SEO) to get great scale for your business.

In addition to the book, my marketing apps also discuss the pros and cons of Google SEO vs. non Google SEO. Here is my iOS marketing app:

And here is the Android marketing app:

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