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Sean Cannell from THiNK talks with Justin Wise who is the the social media director for Monk Development, an Internet solutions company. He also the co-director for the Center for Church Communication. On his blog,, he writes about social media strategy, personal productivity, lifestyle design, and entrepreneurship.

Topics Include:
Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media
The biggest Social Media Mistakes
Creating a Strategy that Gets Results
Best Practices for Church Marketing
Recommended Resources
& More

Resources Justin Recommends in the Video:
Buffer – Be Awesome on Social Media
ifttt – Put the internet to work for you.

“No Miss” Blogs Recommendations:
Social Media Examiner
Ben Arment
Seth Godin
Michael Hyatt
Daily Blog Tips
Dan Zarrella
Bryan Allain
Business Insider
Monk Development Blog

Conferences for Church Communications & Media:
Echo Conference
Social Media Analytics Conference
National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) – Christian media association for radio, TV and mobile media.
Killer Tribes Conference

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Skype Call Recorded w/ Vodburner.

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