How to Become a Social Media Manager & Consultant

Start your new 4,000 career as a Social Media Manager & Consultant today and visit

Have you ever wondered how to make money through Social Media? Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could just get paid to be on Facebook & Twitter all day”

Or to just spend time in YouTube and LinkedIn and get paid for each hour? Wouldn’t that be your ideal job?

I’m Mark Paddock from Get Pro Social and in this very short presentation I will show YOU how myself and a few others like me are making over 4,750 per year (Over 00 a month)

with Social Media, using skills that YOU can learn in a weekend!
No Complicated Marketing Techniques
No List Building
No Information product needed
No Risk
You don’t need to be a marketing expert
You don’t even need to know a lot about Social Media to begin with.

Here are the facts for YOU to judge for yourself. .

2 years ago I was Bankrupt.
Absolutely flat broke after my Smoothie Business went bust. I had no credit. My house and other property were repossessed by the bank.

Then 12 months later I had a day in which I cleared 50 in 1 morning! Not that day. . . just the morning time! In fact it was only between 9am and 12pm
So let me tell you how YOU can do the same.

I had become a Social Media Manager and Consultant!

Not just a Social Media Manager. . . a Social Media Manager and Consultant!

Now i’ll tell you exactly why.

Not only is it so easy and enjoyable to spend time in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and be getting paid to do it,

BUT The money businesses are spending on Social Media has increased by
55% in 2011 alone!
That’s DOUBLED since 2009!

63% of Small to Medium sized companies plan to increase their Social Media budgets AGAIN next year!

and that’s not even the best part!

In a survey completed by Episerver they found that 69% of UK business alone intend to bring on a Social Media Community Manager this year.
Not only that but . . .
Only 12% of businesses are using social media effectively.
84% rate thier own social media as poor or average.
Why? Because they don’t have the knowledge to do it well OR the time to learn how.
That’s why Social Media Managers and Consultants are so desperately in demand right now!
You can be their solution!

You can manage or consult on their Social Media with the information I can give you now!
and get paid very handsomely for doing so!

Social Media spending set to hit .1 Billion by 2014

The demand for Social Media Managers has never been greater than it is right now.

So start your new 4,000 career as a Social Media Manager & Consultant today and visit

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