Question: I have an idea of starting a blog, and I know that I want to use WordPress, but I have discovered that there are two interrelated websites. (.com and .org). I am hoping to profit from this blog, so I am unsure which site would be the best fit.

I know that the .com website is free, but from my current understanding of the .org website, I would have to pay for hosting and for a domain name.

Does anyone know the difference and which would be more beneficial?

Answer: WordPress.com is fully hosted and WordPress.org is self-hosted. While WordPress.com is a ready-to-go solution that requires nearly no knowledge about hosting, it comes with some limitations and doesn’t allow you to install plugins and custom themes.

If you need to customize WordPress and install plugins, you should definitely go with the hosted solution (WordPress.org). You can run WordPress on almost any paid hosting account and some hosts even provide auto-installers that install and update WordPress for you. If you need a recommendation, I can recommend http://www.maxterhost.com which are WordPress-friendly.

If you’re a beginner and don’t need plugins with all the bells and whistles, then WordPress.com is a good choice.

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