Create An ECOMMERCE Website In 2+ Hours – EASY! WordPress Tutorial In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, learn how to create a beautiful e-commerce WordPress website and portfolio or business website step-by-step. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from zero to a professional website using the free WooCommerce e-commerce plugin and the visually stunning “Virtue” WordPress theme. “Virtue” is a free WordPress theme by Kadence Themes.

0:05 Intro — What Will Your Website Look Like When Completed?
09:29 — How Much Will This Website Cost?
10:54 — The 3 Steps To Build This Website
11:12 — Domain Registration & Web Hosting
20:53 — Sign in to WordPress
21:38 — The dashboard
22:33 — Install Virtue theme
24:25 — Install/activate the Virtue toolkit
25:24 — Install WooCommerce plugin
25:55 — Install WooCommerce pages
26:24 — Add a logo
26:42 — Select boxed or wide site layout style
26:53 — Choose footer widget layout
28:40 — Add site tagline under logo (optional)
29:49 — Create a new page
31:02 — How to format & style text
32:15 — Adding images to pages/posts
33:43 — Page templates
34:55 — How to add a contact form
38:30 — Create a page with a sidebar
40:43 — Add a Blog Archive page
41:12 — Create a menu
41:55 — Re-order items in the menu
42:55 — Set menu locations
45:31 — Add The Full-Width Slider on the Homepage
50:40 — Homepage Layout Settings
55:41 — Create Portfolio page
1:06:04 — Add video to your Portfolio
1:11:47 — Create a Blog Post
1:12:38 — Create Blog Post with Image Carousel
1:16:00 — Troubleshooting: How to use “File-Unattach” plugin to fix Image Carousel Post If It Does Not Appear
1:23:02 — Create Blog Post with Image Slider
1:25:30 — Create Blog Post with Video
1:28:17 — Sidebar Widgets: Adding Custom Content to the Sidebar
1:32:17 — Footer Widget
1:35:56 — Setting Up WooCommerce
1:36:26 — How to Add A New Product
1:52:48 — Set Featured Products
1:53:37 — Change Currency
1:58:03 — Shipping
2:00:36 — Payment Gateways
2:02:32 — Email Sender Options
2:03:20 – Where to add Google Analytics ID
2:03:42 – Create Coupons
2:13:27 — Adding Author Bio On Blog Posts
2:14:11 – Setting up SEO-Friendly URLs and Permalinks
2:16:04 — Congratulations, you’re done! Thank you for watching!


— rotating slider with calls to action
— featured portfolio section on the homepage
— clean, minimalist, modern design
— mobile-ready & responsive (beautiful on mobile devices and laptops/desktops)
— lots of beautiful design features
— gorgeous font options
— social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more


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